Anoka County Fair

Chairman Tom Clifford

The Anoka County Fair is our council’s largest fundraiser.  2019 will be our forteenth year that we have sold admission tickets at the Fair.  Our commitment is to provide staff for up to 7 positions in three ticket booths for 14 hours (8am – 10pm) each day for the 6 day run of the Fair.  To do so, we need to fill 103 shifts of four or five hours each. We are provided with automated ticket machines that are easy to operate.  The money handling is simplified by not having to deal with coins for change…all ticket prices are $5 or $10.  The booths are air-conditioned so they are comfortable even on those hot July days.  We provide ice cold pop and bottled water in the booths.  If you work more than one shift the Council will give you $10 so that you can the great food at the Fair on us.  Admission to the Fair is free for the day for you (non-volunteer family members must pay admission) so come early and/or stay late to enjoy the many fun things to do.  See the Fair website for the entertainment and events…  Free parking is available on the grounds on either the east or west sides.

We are paid a flat fee for our efforts.  Over the years we have earned over $60,000 which has enabled us to provide scholarships for students at St Vincent de Paul school as well as St Paul seminarians.  We have been able to make generous contributions to charities such as CEAP and CROSS and purchase gift cards to be distributed by St Vincent’s to needy families at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.





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