The Value of Life Insurance for Children

Council #9139 Blog * Written by David Whatmuff

As a father, you worry about your children and do everything you can to protect them. You try to raise them right and make sure they are prepared to become adults. But have you ever thought about buying life insurance for your child?

When you insure a child, you are protecting his or her future. Did you know that one out of every six adults get rated, postponed, or denied for insurance coverage? If you purchase a policy for your child from the Knights of Columbus with a guaranteed purchase option, it guarantees that more insurance can be purchased for that child at certain set dates, without proving insurability.

The Knights also have programs which maximize flexibility, convenience, and affordability, to enable young brother Knights, and their spouses, to get the coverage they need. And we can also protect children before they turn 18 to enable coverage for debts, including student loans, which they may incur and which you may ultimately become liable for.

Contact me today to discuss the many policy options for child plans, including 10- and 20-Pay life insurance.

Dan Falstad

KofC Field Agent
(612) 310-5254

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